Sunset at Water Mill Shore, Long Island, N.Y. post card ca. 1930.

Red Skies Music

Cover: Strata XXX Ash Wednesday ​© 1993 Alfonse Borysewicz

Cover art ​© Tamar Zinn 1991

Cover art ​© Tamar Zinn 1991

Vocal Music     
   •    Beyond the Last Thought  
          Soprano, oboe, bassoon
and Marimba        
           1.  Knowing  (Isabella Gardner)           
            2. The Palm at the End of the Mind  (Wallace Stevens)
            3. The Snow Man  (Wallace Stevens)            
            4. Another Weeping Woman  (Wallace Stevens)          
            5. These Are the Days  (Emily Dickinson)      
                    Recorded on Opus One CD#162
The Sonorous Landscape    

   •     When Time is Over                  
          Five Poems of Emily Dickinson for high or medium  
          voice and piano  
    •    A Lady Who Thinks She is Thirty (Ogden Nash)          
          for soprano and piano  

Choral music  
 •     Earth is Short      Poems of Emily Dickinson   
         For unaccompanied voices SATB     
•      Perpetual Surfaces    Unaccompanied voices SATB   
        on three texts by Wallace Stevens     
•      Sacred Harp    Unaccompanied SATB    
•     "Let Emily Sing for you Because She Cannot Pray"  
         Four Poems of Emily Dickinson               
        for voices SATB  and orchestra  

Sacred music    
•      Advent Calendar     Unaccompanied voices SATB
        on text by Rowan Williams,  Archbishop of Canterbury  
 •   ​ Anima Christi             
        From the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola 
        Unaccompanied voices SATB 

•   The Lamb   Unaccompanied SATB  
     Text by William  Blake    
•    Magnificat (Canticle of Mary)   Responsorial setting for
       choir, organ and congregation.  
       Published by  C.F. Peters, Corp.    
•     Mass for the Oratory    Choir and organ with    
       congregational responses     
•      Mass of Celebration   Choir, organ, brass (optional  
        guitar,  bass, drums)  and  congregational responses     
•      Panis Angelicus    Eight part choir acapella
      Choir: St. Dominic's Catholic Church, San Francisco   
•     "The Stillest Night"    SATB choir and organ  
      Text of Emily Dickinson    
•    Three Sacreded Meditations
      Unaccompanied voices SATB
      1.  Ave Verum Corpus
       2.  Cibavit Eos
       3.  O Sacrum Convivium

Chamber music:  Winds
  •    The Calling   Solo oboe  
  •    Out of the Blues   Bassoon quartet 
  •    Third Dance   Woodwind quintet 
  •   Woodwind Quintet
      2.  Remembrances
       Dorian Wind Quintet

  •   Super Collider    Solo flute  

Chamber music:  Brass
  •  Brass Vignettes   Brass quintet 
  •  Second Dance    Brass quintet
         (with bass trombone or tuba)
  • Éclat pour Notre Dame   Brass quintet
          (with bass trombone) 

  •  Lament    Solo horn 
  • The Calling    Solo trumpet
  •  Summer Fanfare   Two trumpets, horn, and trombone 
  Chamber music: Mixed
  • Goliard Suite
    1.  Are We There Yet?
    2.  "I Shall Know Why" (Emily Dickinson)
    3.  Sacred Harp
        Yon Joo Lee, violin
        Lawrence Zoernig, cello
        Greg Erickson, trombone
        Arielle Levioff, piano

  • Hymn and Fuguing Tune 
    ​Flute (or trombone) and piano
  • Hymn and Fuguing Tune  
    Flute, harp, and cello​​
  • Summer Wind   Flute and piano
  • First Dance    Piano and marimba 
              Recorded on Opus One CD#162
                    The Sonorous Landscape 
  • Suspensions in Autumn    Violin and piano 
  •  Red Skies at Night 
    ​Two pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart and oboe 

                Recorded on Opus One CD#135
                             Tone Over Tone 
  • Fabliau of Florida  Oboe (or clarinet), violin, viola, 'cello and piano
  • Quartet for Oboe and String Trio

  Orchestral music
  •  Points of Departure   Chamber orchestra
           1-1-1-1, 2-2-1, marimba/percussion(1), strings 
  • Etude   Large orchestra  2/picc-2/eh-2-2, 4-2-1-1,
                vibraphone/percussion(2), harp, strings 
Solo Keyboard Music
  • Boats against the Current  
                Recorded on Opus One CD#162
                     The Sonorous Landscape 
  • Perpetual Chant    Organ
Crossover music
  • Out of the Blues   Toy piano (available for
          woodwind quintet or  bassoon quartet)
  • Emily Dickinson Then and Now  Vocal quartet and chamber orchestra, with harmonica
  • Two Views of Emily Dickinson   SATB and
​        chamber orchestra, with harmonica.
          1.  "I shall know why"
          2.  Sacred Harp
​            ("The life we have is very great")